Supporting Your Career Reinvention

Being informed that one is being made unemployed can be one of the most stressful moments in one's life. The shock is immediate. One is confronted with a great sense of the unknown and with the process of comprehending "what just happened?", "what shall I do now?".


Another factor which significantly impacts our sense of well-being is working within a position where our values are no longer in tune with the corporate environment. While we may be unaware of this at times, the feeling of unease is enhanced when we are not provided with the professional freedom and avenues to utilise our unique talents and abilities.


From personal experience, I have seen that having the right professional support in these situations can make a tremendous difference and it begins with forming a healthy frame of mind with regard to self-awareness, innovative thinking and resilience. Such support can objectively build one's confidence and provide the platform for career reinvention. The right support provides the motivation, guidance, strength and network to go about achieving one's goals.


Having aligned my own purpose, mission and passion to my unique talents, qualifications and experience, I provide this support to individuals who are experiencing periods of transition. The outcome of my services is that clients know which fulfilling career paths they wish to embark upon, are confident in taking the steps to get there and understand how they are empowered to realise their ambitions.


If my services resonate with you or someone close to you, I would be pleased to offer a complimentary session. Confidential references are available upon request.