Career Reinvention / December 2018

Career transition can be very stressful and has the tendency to make you feel vulnerable and confused. From the moment I met David, I felt reassured that I was finally taking the right course of action. He is an extremely compassionate, hard-working professional who continues to amaze me as our working relationship evolves. I am impressed by his approach to develop people and have found my motivation and enthusiasm once again.

He has a deep and cultivated knowhow to deliver the best possible developmental experience for any professional. It is impressive how much I have learned, it goes far beyond what I was expecting. I would highly recommend David’s services for any person in a professional transition phase.

Thomas Bucher

Corporate Relations Manager

Business Model Innovation / November 2017

I’m a small business owner based in Switzerland. When I first met David, I had a good business idea, but I was unclear how to define a successful business model or truly understand where I could bring value to the market. With David’s help, I was able to step back, clarify my goals and recognize my unique selling points.

David helped me to prioritize and challenge my roadblocks. His support has been critical in helping me understand my target audience and improve my business promotion. Since I’ve been working with David, I’ve seen my sales and my client base grow substantially.

David asked all the right questions, inspired me to think differently and gave me the confidence to take my business to the next level. I’d strongly recommend David’s Business Model Innovation services to anyone looking to turn their business idea into profitable reality.

Silvia Finney

Personal Style Consultant