Personal Reinvention

If you want to succeed in your personal or professional life, but you’re unsure how to make the necessary changes, we’ll support you to find a more rewarding path with your unique talents and skills at the center. We provide guidance, ideas and strategies designed to give you the confidence you’ll need to navigate this new path. We offer a two to four month process for individuals and one-time sessions for larger groups.

Career Reinvention

This is a highly valuable service for those who are prepared to discover just how successful they can really be. We uncover natural talents, focus the mind to utilize unique abilities and explore areas in life which ignite the most passion all with a clear view to reinventing a clear career path. This is not just about work, this is about being good at living!



We coach graduates to find a role to suit their personal profile, helping them to focus their resume and application process as well as honing their interview technique networking, job research and investigation skills.

Executive Coaching


David was personally trained, certified and mentored by John Mattone, who is a best-selling author and one of the top ten leadership and executive coaches in the world. All coaching is measured against return on investment. Intelligent Leaders work smarter, not harder!

Owner Managed Businesses

Record numbers of women are running their own businesses and unlocking previously hidden creative, digital and financial talent. Together we’ll review your business or ideas and provide practical strategies and solutions to help you develop and implement a robust business model so you can move forward.

Innovating Retirement

The path to retirement is not as clear-cut as it once was. Whether you want to start a completely new career, pursue other interests or simply give back to society, we’ll help you to discover your deepest desires, plan for your needs and take the steps to prepare.

Emotional Intelligence Training

Our neuroscience based mindfulness training provides the tools necessary to increase self-awareness, build stress resilience, enhance communication, improve focus and general well-being and create space between thoughts, emotions and actions.

Corporate Reinvention

Designed to enhance teamwork and performance from within your organization, our Corporate Reinvention services are aligned to your goals and built around your vision and values.

Business Model Innovation & Value Proposition Design

By challenging and reinventing your existing business model you can take your business to the next level. We work with you to further a new vision and help you to create a sustainable value proposition for your prospective and existing clients.

Innovative Thinking


We train your team to innovate objectively and seek to improve engagement by aligning individuals and teams with their organization’s business model. We provide a platform for people to contribute to the wider strategy, promoting innovation.

Professional Soft Skill Training


Professional soft skills ensures that individuals can give their best in any organization and help to sustain a healthy and harmonious work environment. We provide techniques to help resolve conflict respectfully and build stress resilience. Our training also helps people to recognize their colleagues’ hard work and not just their delivery.