Enabling our ability to lead ourselves, activates the skills to lead others.


Confident yet humble leadership originates from confident and humble people.

The Mindful Leader

One of the most common complaints among senior leaders is not having enough time to reflect. We take some quality time to address this with your leadership team to explore practical elements of mindfulness that deepen self-awareness and improve self-leadership.

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The Resilient YOU

We are truly only fit to lead others once we have mastered the skills to lead ourselves. ‘The Resilient YOU’ is designed for leaders and is practical to the everyday. We explore four pillars of resilience. The lab content and flow is chosen ‘on the spot’ in response to your specific needs. The lab content is selected by participants ‘on the day’, as driven by their needs.

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Enlivening Innovation

The truth is that not everyone is innovative or creative and cannot be expected to be. However, given the right conditions, people can learn skills to support these processes, and apply them to their work. We dive into the mindset of innovation and reveal how to support innovative people to do what they do best.

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Enhancing Cognitive Flexibility

Effective response is a frame of mind that starts with us and mindsets above all transform organizations. To remain objective, collaborative and maintain effective ways of working, these sessions challenge the ever-present pressure to achieve favorable outcomes.

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Career Reinvention

Have you arrived at a point in your career where a sense check would add value? We take this moment in time to look up and focus on your ‘North Star’. Changing course can come at any moment in your career. When it comes to reinventing your unique career path or appreciating your current role in a whole new light, our individual consultancy can help.

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Resilience: in a World Seemingly Upside Down!

We will struggle to be resilient as individuals if the system upon which we depend collapses. This simple truth is forgotten and yet we are reminded of it daily. Exploring what we can do to support the systems we rely upon, we raise awareness of how resilient we can truly be.

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