Drive Your Transformational Journey with Positive Leadership

We partner with you to accelerate authentic, resilient employee engagement.


Every successful growth strategy integrates human behavior.

At Integral, our work strengthens the foundations that activate growth.

Aligning with your team, we place our focus on people and their interactions with each other.


Our Approach



Are your people ready to thrive in uncertainty?

Supporting your people to adopt a growth mindset, transform behavior and cultivate a more inclusive culture.



Are you ready to energize your leadership team?

Supporting people to empower others, communicate with cognitive flexibility and drive transformation with authentic meaning.


Cascading Learnings With

  • Safe spaces to reflect and exchange.
  • Technology to highlight behavior.
  • Interventions to shift mindset.
  • Techniques to pick up and try out.

Our Expertise

What our techniques
are based upon

Industry Experience
Leadership Journeys

Our purpose is to empower yours.

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David O’Connor


David specializes in aligning corporate culture with purpose-driven strategy.

He brings together international business acumen with the strongest components of positive leadership and executive coaching. With over twenty years experience in finance and coaching, not only does he understand how to deliver real impact, he can also work with your team to measure it and embed it into everything you do as a team and as an organization.

Collaborating with a range of specialized partners, David actively crafts and facilitates (executive) leadership learning journeys.

Maximilian Diem


Maximilian brings regulatory and green transition knowledge. He works with his clients to create visionary business strategies that positively impact society. 

He navigates international policies and identifies business opportunities arising from changes in trade and international policies. 

Not afraid to get his hands dirty, Maximilian actively supports and creates real world sustainable projects.

Our purpose is to empower yours.

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